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“Such a friendly and helpful Doctors and staff. Why am I having so much energy? It must be Chiorpractic! I was given x-rays and explained to me what was going on in my body. Adjustments of the spine, my streches, exercises and heat packs help. I believe in Chiropractic. It has helped me so much. It relieves the pain in my joints and gets the blood flowing to those areas to help your body heal itself. If you have fallen like I have several times on the ice and have low back pain, now is the time to see Dr. John Pispidikis to get you back in shape and to good health. It is never to late. He can help you as he has me.”

Neoma Simpson

Neoma Simpson Relief from Back & Neck Pain


“I was healthy and always stayed active until 7 years ago when I became caregiver for my husband. About 2 years ago his chronic condition worsened. Having to lift him, along with getting his wheel chair in and out of the car, took its toll. Eventually, walking became difficult and painful. At a suggestion of others, I agreed to see a Chiropractor. I walk a little straighter and take bigger steps. I can tolerate getting in and out of bed with very little pain. I am no longer concerned when driving over railroad tracks. Prior to treatment, going over any bump was excruciatingly painful. I have been seeing Dr. Pispidikis and the Team at Spinal Recovery Center for 3 weeks. The atmosphere and concern in the office, on a scale of 1 to 10, is a 13.”

Marie Roy

Marie Roy Relief from Arthritis Pain


“When I was bowling in my bowling league, I would get severe pain on the right side of my Neck. I bowl right handed. This pain was so severe; I thought I must give up bowling. Then I met the Team at Spinal Recovery Center. After we had talked about my pain they said come to our office, we can help you. So I made an appointment, and I have to say, I have been well satisfied with the results. I feel much better. Now I can enjoy bowling without having to put up with severe pain. Thank you Dr. P. and the Team at Spinal Recovery Center!”

Thomas Edwards

Thomas Edwards Relief from Neck & Shoulder Pain


“I have found all people in the office so concerned in making you feel more comfortable. I can highly recommend anyone with pain to please give Chiropractic treatment a good try, in this office.”

Genevieve King

Genevieve King Relief from Back, Hip & Hand Pain


“When I was 19 years old I had two bulging discs in my back which later herniated. I went to therapy for two years. I received some relief to where I did not have to get surgery. I have dealt with the pain on and off for 10 years. It started to get worse the older I became, so I went to more therapy but it did not help. My wife had neck pain and went to Spinal Recovery Center. She saw the Doctor, was adjusted and felt better. She bugged me to go to the Chiropractors, so I finally went and the Doctor said he could help me. I feel a lot better and he was right. It took a few weeks, but if I could feel this way all the time I will get adjusted for the rest of my life. I highly recommend Doctors, Chiropractors, Rehab Specialists and Massage Therapists at Spinal Recovery Center.”

Ted Sparks

Ted Sparks Relief from Lower Back & Hip Pain


“I would have to say when I first went in I was a big mess. But, after my 3rd or 4th session I was starting to feel a lot better. I think I have 7 more sessions left and so far I’m doing amazing. I still have some bad days, your going to have your ups and downs. I’m really glad that I’m going through the Spinal Decompression program. You can’t imagine how much help you can really get. You just have to know what options are out there. This has really been encouraging for me to do this for my health. I think if you are having any sort of Neck or Back pain I would do this over surgery. Out of a 1-10 scale, 10 being the worst, I was way over a 10. Now, I would have to say I am a 7. Since there is help out there, get it. I am a much happier person since I have received treatment from the Team at the Spinal Recovery Center.”

Ashley Okeefe

Ashley O’Keefe Relief from Lower Back Pain, Leg Pain Neck Pain & Headaches


“For at least 10 years I have had lower back pain. When I was in high school I played sports and had many “hard hits” to my back. Then recently, I found out I was pregnant. At 23 my back felt as though I was in a forty year old’s body. I couldn’t do simple things without unbearable pain. Often enough to bring me to tears. It also made me less active. Now, I can sleep through the night. I’ve also been taught how to properly care for my spine. Being my first time at a Chiropractor`s office I was extremely nervous, but Doctors and staff made me feel so comfortable. I would recommend anyone in pain to come to the Spinal Recovery Center. The doctors, chiropractors, rehab specilaists and massage therapists have brought back the freedom to be Pain – Free and enjoy life again. Now, I am back to my old self. Only now I have the education to take care of myself so I am better than before. Oh! and it must be said that he has the best staff ever! ”

Jodi Bennett Relief from Lower Back Pain & Back Pain Associated with Pregnancy